Welcome to the SevenArts Consultancy, one of the world's leading search specialists of its kind. Finding the right people to shape, manage and lead media, communication and entertainment businesses is our brand.

In fact, we got our name because, over 10 years, we've concentrated on helping seven sectors:

  • TV and Cable TV companies
  • Music: record companies and music publishers
  • Sports: leagues and marketing agencies
  • Publishing houses: books and newspapers
  • Advertising: ad agencies and media companies
  • Media Investment: media, planning and research companies
  • Flim: production, licensing and distribution companies

Our background

For more than 10 years, SevenArts Consultancy's focus has been the media, communications and entertainment businesses. Having a vast knowledge of these industries enables us to meet the day-to-day challenges of senior management and the changing dynamics of company cultures.

Our consultancy

At the SevenArts, you will find a unique offer. We provide the professionalism, processes and standards of the largest traditional search firms, but to this, we add the inventiveness, understanding and creativity that only a specialist can provide.

Our solutions are driven by a single need: to make sure that the people we find are right for the environments they will work in. We achieve this by listening to and understanding your specific requirements.

Our clients

We are proud of our long-term client relationships. Our aim is simply to get every assignment absolutely right every time. And because we have a select group of clients whose requirements and businesses we fully understand, we can work to the tight deadlines demanded.

Our reach

Is international and covers all the major markets in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Asia and Latin America are also within our grasp.

Our strategic partner in the US, James & Co., is also a specialist in the media, communication and entertainment businesses.

Our services

Because our clients' needs are unique, we offer a range of creative solutions grounded in sound expertise and tried-and-tested processes.

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